The Wellington Diversion

WellingtonStToday Brisbane City Council released their plan for the connection between the North Brisbane Bikeway at Wooloowin and the Kedron Brook Bikeway at Lutwyche.

(At various times, this has been described as stage 5 of the North Brisbane Bikeway, but given that it runs east-west, not north, we don’t consider that a fair description – hence we’ve referred to this westerly diversion down Wellington St as the Wellington Diversion.)

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Our initial thoughts:


This long-awaited plan proposes some minor improvements for people who already ride this route; primarily by reducing speed and traffic volumes on Wellington St, changing the priority at the intersections with Torrance and Marita Streets, and improving the kerb ramps in and out of the bus station underpass. But it doesn’t really address the major issues on this route: crossing Lamington Ave, the steep footpath up Bradshaw St (which will become busier with the new residential and commercial development on the corner), and confusion and conflicts with pedestrians through the bus station underpass.


We’re also a little skeptical about whether Council will actually change the priority of the intersections of Wellington St with Marita and Torrance Streets. Back in 2016, they did something similar with the intersection of Taylor and Telopia Streets in Wavell Heights to give priority to the nominal North Brisbane Bikeway route, but it only took a few complaints from inconvenienced drivers before Council rushed to reverse the change; bike riders be damned.

Depending which direction you’re heading, the latest bikeway design arguably makes the intersection of Kedron Park Rd and Chalk St less convenient on a bike, and adds a lane for turning motor vehicle traffic at the expense of the on-road bike lane.

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BexleyWooloowinCyclists who currently use the on-road bike lanes on Chalk St will be pushed off onto a shared path where they can expect conflict with the traffic from the townhouse development at the old Holy Cross Convent site.

Bikeway construction will involve removal of 30 street trees (which will be offset by planting new trees elsewhere).

Given the delays and costs this project has already incurred, we were hoping for something a little better!

For more information, see Council’s project page. They will be holding drop-in feedback sessions on:

  • Thursday 4 July from 5pm-7pm at Lutwyche Bus Station (Bradshaw St) and
  • Saturday 6 July, 10am-12pm at Lutwyche City Shopping Centre.

You can also email before 4pm Friday 19 July 2019 or ring the project team on 1800 312 777.

Assuming the problems with the design of the westward “Wellington Diversion” can be ironed out, we’re still calling for Brisbane City Council to complete the North Brisbane Bikeway north through to Eagle Junction and on down Jackson Street. That missing link, including a separated bikeway along Dickson Street, would save 2.6 kilometres for people looking for a safe way to cycle to the CBD from Toombul and beyond, and cut more than 4 kilometres off the ride from the CBD to Eagle Junction. If you haven’t already, please sign our petition to take the North Brisbane Bikeway all the way to EJ!