Bicycle friendly suburban centres

Bikes outside the coffee shop
Bicycles are good for business

S4C_TOWNCENTRES_RED_NEWOur vision is for suburban centres that invite people to access them by bicycle or on foot, and to spend time shopping, dining, socialising, and taking part in community activities. This will result in increased sales for local business, encouraging local job growth and returning a sense of community.

Currently many suburban centres across Brisbane are slowly fading, with empty shop fronts and traffic roaring past. The noise and exhaust from high volumes of high-speed traffic have resulted in environments which are not pleasant to linger in. Often one side of a main street feels quite disconnected from the other due to high traffic flows and lack of convenient and safe crossing facilities.

Space4cyclingBNE calls on the Brisbane City Council to progressively refresh our suburban centres and ensure that they can be easily accessed and navigated on foot and by bicycle.