Safer routes to schools

Girl riding to school on a cruiser bike
Making it safe and fun to walk or ride to school

S4C_SCHOOLS_RED_NEWCycling or walking to school should be the norm, not the exception. Schools should not just make active transport an option; they should encourage it. It has been proven that children who walk or ride to school have better educational outcomes as well as improved health.

Our aim is that cycling is once again seen as a regular and acceptable way for a child to get to and from school in an environment that is not only safe but also inviting.

During the 1970s 80% of school children travelled to school by riding a bicycle or walking. Today only around 20% travel to school using their own legs. Streets to and around schools are now dominated by the motor vehicle in the hour before and after school, and this has created a vicious cycle where parents feel it is safer to drive their children to school, resulting in even greater numbers of parents driving their children to school. Public perception is now that driving children to school is normal and not doing so can even be seen as irresponsible!

Space4cyclingBNE calls on the Brisbane City Council to ensure every school can be accessed by a child riding or walking by providing a safe road environment for children.