Kangaroo Point Bikeway Stages 1B and 1C

Final* plans for Stage 1B and 1C of the Kangaroo Point Bikeway have been released just in time before the end of 2018.

(*apart from the bit which isn’t yet final)

Kangaroo Point Bikeway Stage 1 Newsletter-2

In general, we think it’s great, and commend the Council team on their efforts to address the key issues identified during the community consultation.

Our remaining issues (which should be taken as suggestions for further improvements, not as a negative reflection on the project as a whole) are:

  1. It’s disappointing that there doesn’t appear to be any plan to change the planter island at the southern end of the Goodwill Bridge, which makes this area awkward for cyclists travelling between Little Dock St and the bridge. We do welcome the marked zebra crossing – which will hopefully draw people walking between the bridge and South Bank Station via Sidon St – but fully expect that pedestrians heading towards the Ship Inn or the Arbour Path heading north will still cross at the point most convenient for them.
  2. Naturally we’re a little paranoid about slippery surfaces, so hope the “new paving and finishes” have a sensible degree of slip-resistance!
  3. We’re happy that the pedestrian and cycle routes have been separated again at the corner of Little Dock St, and consider the raised zebra crossing a good addition – even though we would have preferred it to be a little further down the hill for the benefit of cyclists joining Little Dock St at the corner – which involves a slightly awkward off-camber turn immediately before the crossing.
  4. We also welcome the reintroduction of the speed platforms on Little Dock Street, and consider 20kph a more appropriate speed for this area (shared between bikes and motor vehicles) than the current 10kph which is universally ignored.
  5. We are interested to see the area marked as “Investigation area. Design to be confirmed.” A few weeks ago there was discussion in Council around adding a third lane to Vulture St – somehow related to the Metro project. We can’t see why a third lane leaving the intersection would be necessary or beneficial, and would certainly hope budget allocated for bikeways is not used to widen roads!
  6. In line with the recommendations from Council’s recent study into pedestrian safety – and in line with evidence from all over the world – we think the left turn from Dock St into Vulture St should be signalised, or have a raised pedestrian crossing. At the absolute minimum, it should have a zebra crossing to remind drivers of the legal requirement to give way to pedestrians when turning.
  7. As previously noted, we’re still concerned about the timing of the double crossing for pedestrians and cyclists navigating the intersection of Vulture St, Stanley St and Dock St. The December 2018 newsletter says “Council is also investigating additional measures to improve the operation of this intersection for all users.” Our suggestion for an additional measure: make sure the signal timing doesn’t suck for people walking and cycling!
  8. Although out of scope for this project, we do note that the plan does nothing to assist people coming from Stanley St and wanting to turn left into Vulture St to continue west, or skip across to Grey St. We’ve said it, we’ve sung it, and we’ll keep saying it: Vulture Street is awful and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.