Asphalt versus Concrete

More musings from a weekend in Adelaide: most of the off-road bikeways there seem to be constructed in asphalt rather than the concrete that is commonly used in Brisbane. For areas which don’t (often) flood, and where tree roots are not a major issue, asphalt is surely quicker, cheaper, and easier to repair or modify?? Perhaps the lifetime of asphalt is longer, but in Brisbane it’s not uncommon to see concrete pathways dug up to be altered or widened well before end of life anyway.

Some of Adelaide’s older pathways are certainly a little tatty – but they have served well for 20 years or more, and even after that time they provide a smoother ride than the seams along Brisbane’s concrete pathways.

One comment

  1. If you ride the bike track from stones corner to greenslopes you will know of another disadvantage of concrete. If you dont level the surface well pools of water form after even a moderate rain. That said there are some very old concrete paths still providing good service. The only asphalt ones i can recall are those through Toohey forest and they are great.


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