Queens Wharf DA

Details of the development application for Queens Wharf have now been released, public submissions are invited. So far, we have engaged in the planning process to ask:

1) That access to the CBD from the Bicentennial Bikeway via Queens Wharf Road not be closed for the 7 years of construction.

Access via Queens Wharf Road was closed in January 2017.

2) That the new bridge from South Bank provide bicycle access into the CBD, and pedestrian access at street level.

It has been confirmed that bicycle access will not be allowed, and that the bridge will deliver patrons into the 4th(?) level of the integrated resort. (The bridge goes over the Riverside Expressway, in contrast to the Goodwill Bridge which goes under the Expressway and lands just above river level). The drawings also reveal that access to the bridge from South Bank will be via stairs (21 risers) or an elevator.



3) That the Bicentennial Bikeway be maintained as a commuter route, with clearly separated space for people walking and people travelling through the area by bicycle.

The current plans still include mixing zone where riders using the Bicentennial Bikeway will need to negotiate through a pedestrian plaza similar to the South Bank Promenade, with a width as low as 5m in places.

Even at the eastern end of the site, where the bikeway will be separated from the pedestrian pathway, only 3m has been allowed for the bikeway, which is the minimum width in these circumstances, and does not allow for future growth in bicycle traffic.


We have very little confidence that public concerns will be adequately addressed in this consultation round. Nevertheless, we will be making a submission, and encourage others to do so also.

The development application and associated documents are available by searching DEV2017/846 on: dilgp.qld.gov.au/pda-da-applications  There are around 50 separate docments, but a good place to start is with Volume 3 Attachment B – Landscape Concept Report, which covers the Bicentennial Bikeway in section 5.6 (pages 83 to 97).

Submissions can be made by email or post:

Email: pdadevelopmentassessment@dilgp.qld.gov.au

Post: MEDQ c/- EDQ Development Assessment
Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning
GPO Box 2202
Brisbane QLD 4001


One comment

  1. This is a repeat of my comment on the facebook post but it is important for anyone who wants to make a submission with a chance of having an impact:

    For those writing submissions, if your arguments in the submission do not relate to the provisions of the Priority Development Area Development Scheme (https://www.dilgp.qld.gov.au/…/qwb-pda-development…) they will be ignored. This is the document that the development is being assessed against. Cycling is specifically addressed in many provisions in the scheme. Your submissions should reflect and reference these provisions to have the greatest effect.


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