Sylvan Road Trial

It’s up! The community feedback survey.   Council is seeking  feedback on the effectiveness of the Sylvan Road peak period bike lane trial and the future layout of the road once the trial concludes. The online survey is open from Thursday 1 June to Wednesday 21 June 2017. The survey includes 15 questions and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

We would like the Sylvan Road bike lanes to be available 24 hours, 7 days a week for everyone.  Protected bike lanes which are suitable for 8 to 80 year old’s would be great too.

We encourage people who ride bikes to complete the survey and have your say. You can bet there will be lots of people who park cars doing the survey too wanting 24/7 car parking.

The link to the council web page and survey:


April 2017 Update

If you’ve appreciated a slightly less stressful ride along Sylvan Road this last year and you want to keep it so, we encourage you to contact the Brisbane City Council and urge them to keep the bike lanes car free at least during peak commuting times.

The current trial ends in May, and Council could decide to remove the bike lanes.  We recognise this is not cycling infrastructure suitable for people aged 8 to 80, but it is a start.

Please write with your own personal story about why you want these bike lanes kept free of parked cars to

cc: and

For some of the history of this trial, see our update back in November 2016.

Thanks to those who have already written with their stories:

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