Dock St intersection

Plans have now been released for the Woolloongabba Bikeway – which includes 2-way protected bike lanes on Stanley St from Dock St to Ipswich Road, and painted bike lanes on Annerley Road from Stanley St to Gladstone Road. However according to the reference design, the scope of the project stops short of addressing the intersection of Stanley St, Vulture St and Dock St.


There appear to be no plans to improve the small triangular traffic island and narrow pram ramps for crossing Vulture St and Dock St. Those are already insufficient for the numbers of people travelling this route on foot and by bicycle, and the problem will be exacerbated as the new bikeway shifts more people on bikes to that side of Stanley St. We feel strongly that the project must include work to improve these crossing points, enlarge the island, and visually separate the paths for people walking and those on bikes.

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The reference designs are available at Council’s project page.

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