Rod Harding

1. If elected I will actively support safe routes to schools? 
Yes. As part of Labor’s Bikeway Policy announced last week, I will be setting up a Lord
Mayoral BUG, to consult directly with me on ways to improve cyclist safety in terms of both network and bikeway design.
2. If elected I will actively support local streets not through streets – to discourage rat
running and make neighbourhoods safer and more liveable
Yes. I have announced a package of Suburban Congestion Busting projects, which will help
relieve congestion across the suburbs and reduce the need for ‘rat running’. It is important
that any changes to local traffic conditions on streets across Brisbane are only carried out
with consideration to any impacts on both local residents, and the wider transport network across the city.
3. If elected I will actively support provision of protected space on main roads for people who ride bicycles. 
Yes. I expect any major road upgrade Projects will continue to include provisions for
Cyclists. I will be consulting with my advisory Lord Mayoral BUG to assist with advice on
budget priorities and safe bikeway design as part of future road infrastructure projects.
4. If elected I will actively support a connected and direct bikeway network. 
Yes. One of the priority projects I have committed to as part of my bikeway policy is the
installation of protected bike lanes on Sylvan Rd, Toowong. This is a vital missing
connection between the Bicentennial and Western freeway bikeways.
5. If elected I will actively support 30km/h speed limits on neighbourhood streets – to
make neighbourhood streets safer for children, the elderly and pets. 
My position is any reduction in speed limits on local streets would only occur with the
feedback and support of local residents, and appropriate assessment of council officers to
ensure there is no negative impact on safety or traffic flows.
6. If elected I will actively support bicycle friendly suburban centres to allow people to
shop and go out to dinner by bike. 
Yes. I believe any future upgrade works to our suburban centres and villages should include the provision of appropriate bicycle infrastructure.
7. If elected I will actively support the Brisbane CBD Protected Bike Grid which would
allow people to get around the CBD safely and conveniently by bicycle.
I will take into consideration the recommendations and feedback of my Lord Mayoral BUG,
and council officers as part of wider bikeway network design and expansion in Brisbane.
8. If elected I will actively support a full time protected bikeway on Sylvan Rd Toowong.
Yes, I have already announced the allocation of $1.5mil in funding for the installation of
protected bike lanes on Sylvan Rd, Toowong as a matter of priority.
9. If elected I will actively support removing Bicycle Awareness Zones from the BCC
bicycle kilometre count. 
Yes. Labor Councillors have previously spoken out about this method of calculating the total bikeway network. This will be considered in consultation with Council Officers and Bicycle User Groups, and take into account their feedback, along with best practice methods for determining active transport networks.
10. Please list at least one project or initiative that you will actively support to improve
cycling in your ward.
Committed priority Projects announced as part of Labor’s Bikeway policy.
11. Any other comments you would like to make. –
Refer statement previously sent.