Labor’s response

Under a Rod Harding and Labor Administration, cycling will be supported as a legitimate travel mode through the delivery of a high quality bicycle network throughout Brisbane, the safety of which takes into account the inherent vulnerability of cyclists. As such, Rod Harding and Labor Candidates will deliver a $139 million package of bikeway and cycling infrastructure projects across Brisbane.

Rod Harding’s goals will be:

· An increase in trips to and from the CBD and major centres on weekend days.
· A reduction in serious injury crashes relative to the number of cyclists per year.
· An increase in cycling across the City using existing counting stations.
· The delivery of two safe, high quality bicycle routes in the first term – Sylvan Rd, Toowong; and the Goodwill to Gabba bikeway along Stanley Street.
· The completion of the Kangaroo Point Cyclist and Pedestrian Bridge
· The roll out of additional recreation bikeways across Brisbane, including a bikeway link to Walkabout Creek reserve at the Gap.

Rod Harding and Labor Candidates want to ensure a different approach is brought to the planning and delivery of bikeway projects across Brisbane. Rather than dictating to cyclists what infrastructure they need, a Rod Harding Administration will take a consultative approach, by forming the Lord Mayor’s Bicycle Users Group – This B.U.G. will be tasked with setting budget priorities, setting outcomes, reviewing designs before public consultation, proactive consultations to let the users assist with setting the priorities and the presentation of budget submissions for consideration.

At the heart of Rod Harding’s plan is a dedicated $90 million cycle and pedestrian bridge spanning the Brisbane river between Kangaroo point and the CBD. It complements Labor’s commitment to deliver an additional river crossing for cyclists and pedestrians as part of Rod Harding’s light rail vision for Brisbane. As well as the two new river crossings, Rod Harding has pledged $49 million to improve bikeways across Brisbane. This includes $1.5 million dollars to fix the dangerous cycling link at Sylvan Road Toowong by installing protected bike lanes; $4 million to build the Goodwill to Gabba bikeway; and $500,000 to deliver the Walkabout Creek bikeway at The Gap.