25 July 2021

Olympics 2032

Brisbane has now been confirmed to host the 2032 Olympics! What will be our legacy?

After Tokyo, in 2024 the Olympics head to Paris. There the world will find a city that has undergone a remarkable transformation since the announcement that will see them host the games. Streets that were once clogged with traffic have been returned to the people as public spaces, and thousands of people are getting around by bike thanks to a network of protected cycleways, and bold moves by the Lord Mayor to limit motor vehicle traffic, reduce speed limits, and remove on-street parking.

Let’s get to work, Brisbane!

Active Transport Advisory Committee

Tuesday this week saw the third meeting of the Active Transport Advisory Committee (ATAC)—an advisory body, established by Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government to bring together experienced active travel advocates in an open and collegiate atmosphere, and strengthen the collaborative working relationships between Council, the Queensland Government and the community.

To ensure frank and open discussion is possible in these meetings, we can’t reveal details, but if you follow us on social media you’ll have an idea of the type of issues and projects Brisbane’s Bicycle User Groups are advocating for. We can say that there are a number of exciting announcements pending… And still plenty of work to do.

We acknowledge the hard work by staff from Brisbane City Council and TMR and their efforts to work effectively across levels of government. We also thank Council’s Public and Active Transport Chair Cr Ryan Murphy, and Transport Minister Mark Bailey MP for supporting open discussion and championing active transport in our city.

Kudos to Minister Bailey for cycling to City Hall for the meeting in full business attire. That’s 100% normal in many European cities; hopefully soon much more common in Brisbane.

Pictured here: Chris from Brisbane West BUG, Belinda from East BUG Inc., Mitch from Airport BUG and Andrew from Brisbane North BUG. Also represented on the committee: Brisbane CBD BUG, Bicycle Queensland, AusCycling – Queensland, Queensland Walks, Heart Foundation, and RACQ.

Green bridges left hanging

In a less favourable reflection on the interaction between local and state government, Belinda is quoted in this piece by the Westender on the political bickering and the mirage of Brisbane’s green bridges.

“The Lord Mayor and Premier are currently in Tokyo promoting Brisbane as an Olympic host city, and yet they don’t seem to have had a conversation about what investment they should be making to ensure we are the healthy, friendly, and welcoming city they are promoting as Brisbane 2032.

Brisbane residents value our outdoor and active lifestyle; we care about clean air, looking after the environment, and building strong communities. We want governments of all levels to ensure that we and our children can continue to enjoy that lifestyle as the city grows.”

Belinda, Space for Cycling Brisbane

Rental eBikes hit the streets

It’s not jacaranda season yet, but we’re starting to see splashes of purple on Brisbane streets. Thursday marked the roll-out of electric hire bikes from Beam and Neuron, and a change-over of the e-scooter fleet, with Lime out and Beam in.
Have you tried one of the new e-bikes yet? We’d love to hear how you rate them.

Conversations: Annika Wells MP

If you’re looking for a good coffee, a good tip is to always look for where the people with bicycles go. Andrew from Brisbane North BUG was able to have a chat and a coffee this with Anika Wells MP this week. They spoke about the benefits of cycling, and how the Federal government can help fund active transport (such as the Gateway North Bikeway) as well the importance of ensuring that any federally funded black spot projects make it safer for people cycling and walking.

Anika is a fan of the physical and mental health benefits of cycling. She shared a story of riding out to Nudgee to decompress after the election.


King Arthur Tce

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The same goes for bikeways. King Arthur Terrace (Graceville/Tennyson/Yeerongpilly) is an important connection for commuters, and part of the popular River Loop. Please sign this petition to remind Brisbane City Council that the route could be so much safer for people of all ages, reducing congestion and providing healthy transport alternatives.

Wynnum Road Morningside

While on the petition site, please help us reach 200 signatures on this petition from East BUG asking for improved cycling safety on Wynnum Road, Morningside by removing two on-street car parking spaces (in front of businesses which have their own off-street parking). This is a test of Council’s resolve; are they at all serious about supporting active transport??

Howard Smith Wharves

Another petition reminder, this one asking for the lift entrance to be reconfigured at Howard Smith Wharves to reduce the conflict between people queuing for the lift, those stepping out of the bar, and people trying to get home or to work, or just to enjoy a ride, walk, or jog along the Riverwalk.

Remember all that public parkland that was promised as part of this development? Remember when Council insisted that the ferry terminal would only service cross river ferries, not add a stop to the CityCat journey? Remember giving feedback on the “masterplan” and wondering if anyone was actually paying attention?

With all the hype around Brisbane being awarded the 2032 Olympics, how do you feel about the quality of urban planning and development of the public realm we might look forward to over the next 10 years?

Minnippi Bikeway at Cannon Hill

Designing a bikeway is not always a walk in the park… But thanks to the hard work of council officers, supported by Cr Lisa Atwood, the planned Minnippi Bikeway extension behind the Cannon Hill shopping centres now looks like it can be achieved with much less impact on the adjacent bushland than the original proposal.

There are still a number of issues to be resolved before plans can be finalised, but if things go well, construction on the bikeway could be expected to start late this calendar year.

Thanks to the Cannon Hill Bushcare Group and Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee for their input, and their efforts restoring and protecting this pocket of urban bushland. Hopefully this will soon be a place where people can look up on their ride or walk, and spot a koala in the trees.

New bridge at Ferny Grove

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had a look at some of the new ‘green bridges’ (for walking and cycling) in Brisbane’s suburbs. This one at Ferny Grove connects Beech St to the bikeway on the southern side of Cedar Creek (near Nelson Place). If was opened in late 2020, for a cost of around $1.3million according to the budget papers.

This bridge completes one of the missing links in the pathway along Cedar Creek. Ultimately we’d like to see a continuous pathway network from the Ferny Grove Station and the end of the Kedron Brook Bikeway to the new Ellendale suburb and eventually out to Enoggera Dam and Bellbird Grove.

The 6 tonne weight limit is a little more than is required for a bikeway, so perhaps the new bridge also serves as emergency vehicle access.

North Brisbane Bikeway at Bowen Hills

Concrete had been poured on the North Brisbane Bikeway between Campbell St and O’Connell Tce, Bowen Hills. It has been over a year since the old pathway was closed. We have had word that the builders are aiming to have it open mid August. Did someone say Ekka??

You know it’s getting close to the Ekka when it gets windy in Brisbane. How windy was it on the weekend?!! Getting paid to cycle slowly around the city would normally seem like a fun gig. But perhaps not so much those conditions… 🚲⛵️

Morningside bike lane protectors

In Morningside, EaST BUG report that the last man standing is no longer standing… RIP to the brave little bollard on Wynnum Rd who clung on just before the intersection with Jack Flynn Memorial Drive while all those around him fell. It’s back to business as usual for the east-bound journey now.

A little further east, at the intersection of Wynnum Rd and Junction Rd, we can report that two of the bollards there are down. Are we feeling protected?

On the inbound side of that intersection, another section of plastic barrier has been added to protect the bike lane after the intersection with Junction Road. We’re not sure when that was added – it wasn’t part of the original installation.

Is this helpful? Perhaps. But what would be better is not getting squeezed into the kerb or having to move out around a parked car just a little further up the hill. (Don’t forget to sign our petition!)

Other News

Airport BUG report that although the Brisbane Airport 2020 masterplan includes the key initiative to “Prepare an active transport strategy for Brisbane Airport”, we haven’t seen any active transport strategy published by BAC yet. Portland Airport (PDX) has had a bike plan since 2014 and now it is the most bike friendly airport in USA!

In London, low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) have demonstrated that restricting neighbourhood streets to local traffic rather than through traffic leads to a reduction in the number of road injuries. Importantly, it doesn’t just shift the problem elsewhere. The biggest beneficiaries are actually for pedestrians and people driving!

Would you like to see Brisbane follow the example of London, and create safer, healthier streets by implementing “low traffic neighbourhood” schemes?