19 Dec 2021

Veloway connection at Trinity Lane

Earlier this week we received formal notification that TMR is developing a planning study to upgrade the connection between the V1 Veloway and Gabba Bikeway on Stanley St. This is very welcome news, as the current ramp near Trinity Lane is extremely steep and narrow.

The upgraded connection will include a wider path and less steep gradient, making for a safer rider experience. We know that improved connections remove barriers for people who are currently hesitant to travel by bike.

We’ve previously suggested creating a ramp off the Veloway on the eastern side and following approximately the gradient of the adjacent road. At a scoping meeting with TMR earlier this year, we were happy to hear that is a likely option.

The planning study is scheduled to be completed in mid-2022, with construction subject to funding. We’ve very keen for this project to be included in the upcoming state government budget, so if you live, work, or travel to the south-eastern suburbs, we encourage you to mention the project to your local member of parliament and seek to enlist their support.

Parkside Yeronga Development

A development application has been lodged for the old Yeronga TAFE site next to Yeronga State High School, bounded by Park Rd, Villa St, and the Gold Coast / Beenleigh railway line. This is a state government Priority Development Area under the control of Economic Development Queensland.

Our supporters who have been watching this closely have been disappointed to discover that the proposed development is inconsistent with the original Development Scheme. That scheme required a north-south active transport corridor through the site, connecting the bikeways in Yeronga Memorial Park through to Park Rd (towards Hyde Park), and to a future connection along the southern side of the rail corridor. This was identified as critical for achieving the vision of “an inviting, sustainable, connected and integrated place”. Development in this area was supposed to deliver “an efficient, safe, inviting, attractive and legible street and movement network that is pedestrian and cyclist friendly and encourages active and public transport use.”

Nice words. Imagine our disappointment to discover that the Development Application (prepared by Ethos Urban ) is missing the structural element identified as so critical – namely the north-south active transport connection. Instead, there is a “vegetated overland flow path” (i.e. a creek/drain), and minimal footpaths. The driveways into the site are now proposed to be from Park Rd, which is an important cycling route (identified on the Principal Cycle Network Plan, although only marked as a secondary cycle route under Brisbane City Plan).

We agree that the development application should not be approved unless the following conditions are met:

  • A north-south active transport corridor should be provided as explicitly required by the Development Scheme. If this corridor is not provided on the eastern side of the site, an equivalent bi-directional bikeway which is physically separated from cars and pedestrians should be provided on Park Rd and Villa St instead.
  • That cycleway must be provided as part of the development, and not left to the discretion of Brisbane City Council at some indeterminate future date.
  • In parallel with the development, the Queensland Government must address the issue of the non-accessible footpath on Park Rd under the Gold Coast / Beenleigh Rail line. A development that purports to encourage active and public transport use can’t be left with steps on the footpath between it and the nearest bus stop!

Submissions closed on Friday, 17 December (apologies for the late notice from us), and we have made a submission via the website.

Minnippi Pathway at Cannon Hill

East BUG have received an update on the Minnippi Path at Cannon Hill, which is now due to be started in mid-January and will take approximately 5 months to complete:

The revised plan more closely follows the existing maintenance track, and requires fewer trees to be removed compared to earlier versions. (39 trees – including some dead trees and weed species – versus more than 100 in earlier versions of the plan.)

The elevated structure planned for the corner behind Bunnings appears to be a good solution to flood-proof the bikeway, but will account for the bulk of the 39 affected trees.

We know that Brisbane City Council and the Cannon Hill Bushcare Group have worked hard to identify and minimise impact on significant trees, but are still wary of any destruction of habitat for koalas and sugar gliders in the context of the devastation from the nearby golf course and residential developments.
This path won’t have lighting, so we have asked for reflectors to be incorporated in the design to help assist those who need to use the path at night.

We’re a little disappointed that a connection into the back of the Cannon Hill Shopping Centre is not included, and neither is the connection along Creek Rd to Richmond Rd or along Wynnum Rd to connect with Bulimba Creek Bikeway. We hope these links can be prioritised in the near future.

As we’ve said previously, this project shouldn’t be seen as an alternative to improving cycling safety on the key transport corridors of Creek Rd and Wynnum Rd (both of which are identified in the Principal Cycle Network Plan), but the path will provide new recreational walking and cycling opportunities and an improved local link.

We look forward to using the path once it is completed in mid 2022.

Path priorities

Nearby in Tingalpa, Council are currently resurfacing the carpark in Minnippi Parklands, off Stanton Rd West. East BUG are disappointed to see that they’re not also building a path along the obvious desire line from there to the Bulimba Creek Bikeway and repairing and widening that bikeway at the same time.

Meanwhile, in Murarrie, Northcliffe St has been resurfaced to be nice and smooth… but there doesn’t seem to be funding available to complete the footpath to the playground. 😦

Rickertt Rd, Ransome

In Ransome, the shared path along Rickertt Rd is coming along – including at the new signalised intersection of Rickertt and Chelsea Roads. Will it be ready before Christmas?? The path is looking good, but there’s still some work to go before the intersection is finished.

Rickertt Rd has always been a hostile part of a bayside ride, and it will certainly be very nice to be able to avoid it in future. We’re still disappointed that the new path is only the minimum 2.5m required for a low-use shared path, rather than 3m which would be more appropriate for a route on the Principal Cycle Network. Also, why doesn’t the path continue along Greencamp Rd to the lights at Tilley Rd, rather than requiring 4 beg-button cycles to head back to Manly Rd?

Bulimba Creek Bikeway at Carindale

In Carindale, it’s great to see the Bulimba Creek Bikeway getting an upgrade between Cadogan St and Baynes St. The new section appears to be 3m wide, which will be much more comfortable than the old 2m path.

Sir Fred Schonell Drive at UQ

The University of Queensland hired an engineering consultant to review the safety and security of staff, students and visitors on the roads around the St Lucia campus. One problem area was the exit from the multi-story carpark onto Sir Fred Schonell Drive, where it seems that despite all the signs and flashing lights, some drivers still failed to give way.

Apparently the engineer’s recommendation was that cyclists should be redirected to a ‘safer’ route along Macquarie Street instead. So UQ removed the bike lane on Sir Fred Schonell Drive and installed a slab of concrete which creates a squeeze point and brings people on bikes and motor vehicles into conflict.

Whilst UQ may prefer cyclists ride on Macquarie Street, some people still ride on Sir Fred Schonell Drive as it is legal and gets them where they want to go – to the shops, to home, to friends place, wherever. (It’s also less convoluted, and less steep than the alternative route towards Toowong).

It is irresponsible that UQ attempt to direct cyclists away from using Sir Fred Schonell Drive by deliberately placing a hazard in the road.

If you work or study at UQ please consider submitting a Workplace Health and Safety report on the UQ system to report this slab of concrete on Sir Fred Schonell Drive as hazard to cyclists.

Rail replacement buses

Planning to take your bike on the train? Over the Christmas period, there will be a 10-day track closure impacting train services on the Gold Coast, Beenleigh and Cleveland lines from first service Saturday 25 December 2021 until last service Monday 3 January 2022. We understand that bikes can be taken on the rail replacement buses; they can be stowed underneath in the luggage area.

If you are planning a trip, or if you rely on taking your bike on the train to get to/from work, it’s still probably a good idea to check ahead of time with TransLink and/or Queensland Rail.

More information is available at on the project web site, or you can check Queensland Rail’s 12 month calendar.