Lytton Road, Morningside

East BUG have written to Brisbane City Council many times over the last 5 years highlighting the dangers of Lytton Road through Bulimba, Balmoral and Morningside.

Back in February, we presented a petition with more than 600 signatures calling for upgrades to make this road safer for all users.

We also petitioned them to upgrade cycling facilities when resurfacing roads.

When we noticed Lytton Road being resurfaced recently, we contacted Council again requesting that they at least change the line markings to place a cycleway against the kerb, buffered from fast moving motor vehicle traffic by space for parked cars where room currently existed – eg. between Perrin Creek Bridge and Taylor St.

That was on 5 October, and Councillor Kara Cook’s ward office passed on our request the same day.

On 2 November, Council’s CEO wrote back saying:

“While I note your comments about the current road resurfacing works and appreciate you raising this with me, I must advise that as works are underway, East BUG’s suggestions are unable to be incorporated at this time.”

Brisbane City Council CEO, Colin Jensen

The letter acknowledges “the demand for cycling along this route” but “there are no current plans for bicycle lane marking improvements along this section of Lytton Road”.

We note that there has been a demand for cycling along this route since at least 1896 when it was marked as a “good flat road” on the Cyclists Map of Brisbane.

Council’s CEO goes on to say:

“In order to ensure alignment of Active Transport Infrastructure Fund upgrade programs and road resurfacing schedules, I have asked TPO officers to continue reviewing opportunities for co-delivery of projects and for investigations to be undertaken in advance of road resurfacing works.”

Brisbane City Council CEO

Our question: how many years notice does Council need for those ‘advance’ investigations? Apparently 8 months is insufficient. 5 years is insufficient. Even after 125 years Council seem surprised by the demand for cycling on Lytton Road.

How can we convince them to finally take action to make this “principal cycle route” safe and suitable for cycling??