gallery Bike Lanes or Parking? Or both?

Protected2wayBikelaneIn order to explore the question “should bike lanes replace on-street parking” we took a dive into Google Streetview to check out some examples where space has been found for both. Below are some before and after images along George St through Waterloo and Redfern in Sydney demonstrating that it is possible to create protected bike lanes while still retaining on-street parking on streets which are not dissimilar to many around Brisbane.

This street also looks calmer and more pedestrian friendly, although the 2-way cycle lane is quite narrow. Based on other locations in Sydney the lane width could be down to 2.4m, and have very limited separation from the passenger-side doors of parked vehicles.  That may not work on major cycle commuting routes, but perhaps on some suburban roads it’s not such a bad thing to have a narrow bikeway even if it slows some existing cyclists (or prompts them to stay on the road) if the outcome is a street that feels slower, quieter, and safer for people of all ages and abilities to ride?

Slide1George St, Redfern. Explore for yourself here.Slide2Slide3Corner of George St and Wellington St, Waterloo. Explore for yourself here.Slide4Explore for yourself here.Slide5Corner of George St and Phillip St, Waterloo. Explore for yourself here.Slide6


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