Save Shaw Road Bike Lanes, Wooloowin

In March 2016 we submitted an ePetition to Brisbane City Council asking them to provide a safe priority crossing for pedestrians and people on bikes where the Kedron Brook Bikeway crosses Shaw Road at Shaw Park. Kedron Brook Bikeway is one of the most used pedestrian and bike connections in the northern suburbs of Brisbane but during peak times, the motor vehicle traffic on Shaw Road can be constant and fast. There are few breaks in the motor vehicle traffic allowing people to safely cross.

2014-08-28 16.31.49

Council’s response to our petition was positive and they agreed to investigate further a crossing. It was also an election promise from newly elected councillor for Northgate, Councillor Adam Allan.

18 months down the track and the upgrade to Shaw Road has been turned into a downgrade for pedestrians and cyclists.

The safe crossing will be incorporated into the signalisation of Shaw Sports driveway. The on road bike lanes will be removed to make way for an extra lane of traffic in both directions.The crossing of the Shaw Sports driveway will be signalised and pedestrians and cyclists will need to press the ‘beg’ button to cross a driveway, where they would normally have had right of way.  There will be a shared path added on both sides of the road but this will once again bring conflict with pedestrians, which neither of us wants. There will also be  extra off road car parks added to the area.

Council’s plans can be viewed here

We believe that so much more could have been done to make this area safer for pedestrians and people on bicycles and every effort is being made to try to save Brisbane’s first on-road bike lanes. Heritage listing has been applied for and is being assessed and e held a Funeral for the Shaw Road Bike lane to try to draw some attention and raise awareness of the plans that are being put forward.

We have also submitted another petition to Brisbane City Council asking them to preserve the  north-south links for pedestrians and cyclists on Shaw Road. Please sign




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