Council says no to safe CBD cycling

BREAKING NEWS: Brisbane City Council have responded to our petition (tabled in August 2016) requesting a grid of protected bikelanes in the CBD. Their response is a resounding NO.

Obviously we’re incredibly disappointed. Not only is this a blow to people who ride or who would like to ride a bicycle in the city, but it is also contemptuous treatment of the thousands of people who signed their support for our petition. The decision has been made by the Lord Mayor and his executive team behind closed doors during the summer recess, avoiding the Public and Active Transport Committee meetings which members of the public can attend. The response has been returned to the principal petitioner without following the usual practice of first tabling the committee’s recommendation in Council. This means it will not be discussed in a forum where any non-LNP Councillors will have an opportunity to question, debate, or vote on the decision – despite receiving letters from their constituents in support of protected CBD bike lanes.

The reasons Council have provided for rejecting the petition are a remarkable reiteration of the myths and excuses we predicted and busted last year. The issues of public safety, accessibility, amenity, and equity on the streets of the CBD will not go to bed quietly.

Brisbane City Council’s response to the principal petitioner – 25 January 2017


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