Council ward offices: where are the bike racks?

On Ride2Work Day, many people signed letters to their local councillors asking them to vote in favour of a grid of protected bike lanes in the CBD. They weren’t just inner-city folk; people from all over Brisbane are keen to see our city centre become bicycle friendly. Belinda took a day out to explore the eastern suburbs and visit each of the ward offices to deliver the letters from riders living in Morningside, The Gabba, Coorparoo, Holland Park, Chandler, Wynnum Manly and Doboy Wards.

Visiting by bike, one thing stood out: none of the ward offices in the eastern suburbs have bicycle parking! The single exception is The Gabba where Cr Jonathan Sri and a number of his office staff are regular riders, and have been lobbying for a bike rack since Cr Sri was elected in March.

And it’s not just bicycle parking at issue; a number of these ward offices are in locations that just seem to assume visitors will only arrive by car. The Holland Park and Doboy Ward offices are prime examples; sitting surrounded by car parks with quite poor pedestrian access from the street or nearest bus stop. At least the Coorparoo Ward Office has a bus stop out the front, but located where it is on Logan Road, it’s not at all easy to visit by bicycle.

Certainly, there might not yet be a demand for lots of bicycle parking in front of council ward offices, but surely at least a single parking hoop would help send the message that people who travel by bicycle are as welcome as those who arrive by car?

Not necessarily the most direct or recommended route between Council Ward offices, but it was a perfect day to go exploring the eastern suburbs by bike.

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