Grigory Graborenko

I personally support anything that gets cars off the road, be it cycling, public transport, or even encouraging people to work from home. However, if my electorate or the wider Brisbane voting public was in opposition to any of those initiatives, I would be legally obliged to vote with the people’s decision.

Our entire political platform is based around participatory democracy. We have software that allows people to vote online and using mobile apps. If enough voters use our platform to vote for or against a development or local law, we will abide by their choice. We believe this will eliminate political corruption and give power back to the community.

As an elected representative, I would do my best to sway public opinion, or educate them, if I felt like they were voting against their best interest. In the end though, even if I disagreed with the outcome, I would have to side with the clear majority.

This is why I feel that completing the survey would be dishonest. As a citizen, I would likely answer yes to all but #5 and #9. As a politician, I will vote with how the people decide.