BAZ (Bicycle Awareness Zones)

Bicycle awareness zone.

Bicycle Awareness Zone
Bicycle Awareness Zone

BAZ or Bicycle Awareness Zones are yellow bicycle symbols painted on the road.  The Brisbane City Council website explains Bicycle Awareness Zones are used when space for bicycle lanes is restricted.

BAZ provides neither a safe nor attractive facility for people riding bicycles.  A Main Roads Department 2009 BAZ technical note stated the shortcomings of BAZ  including that “BAZ does not adequately define a cyclist operating space, provides inappropriate road position guidance to riders and provides a poor traffic separation experience to a new rider”.

As  such BAZ should not be counted in the Brisbane City Council’s count of kilometres of bicycle infrastructure.  Currently, of the 1300 km of Brisbane’s Bicycle infrastructure, over 400 km is BAZ.

We are campaigning for BAZ to be removed from the count of bikeway kilometres as BAZ is merely signage, not bicycle infrastructure.